Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

I Can't Believe this

Okay,better for me to delete all feelings,delete my last post in this blog. i just try to open up everything that make me sick for this last fuckin year.. but i thought that wasn't a good idea. 
I feelt sooooo damn disappointed with this guy,Omg i can't even trust he said that to me last night!!!!
and this is the only reason i deleted my last post.
He never treated me badly,he never ever do that to me before.. but in reality,he did :)
yaah he knew everything about this girl,i told him when we're like eum damn together.. he said she never will hurt me and she probably never hurted me? oh God,can't you relize every single word you've said to me? huh?
cried aloooouuuuuddd as i can,but maybe that was my last tears for him.
I'm really really really hate him now, i hate him soooo fuckinnnn bad . thanks .