Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Me And Him

I never regret these all. I never regret how he came into my life,I never regret how the way he made me cry,I never regret how the way he made me laugh.. I'll never. One thing I should regret is how can I leave him and let him go from me.. 
sometimes I find my self crying over him,everybody know why i'd be like this.. Yap! I'm deeply in love with him.

Maybe from now on,i just can sit here and realizing that he walked away from my heart and my life.. I just can miss him even thought i know he's not missing me back.
these memory,I'll keep it here inside . I'll never erase all the stories of us..

you know,no one can replace your place in one can belongs here as you did before..

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