Jumat, 20 April 2012

even it confusing somebody

How it be if i can't trust my destiny? and i can't trust my self like i did before..
i'm gone as your please but why it only bring my soul down? why should be me?
i had that hard time,or even it hardest than i thought. I will always try to keep my head up and pretending like nothing happens.
i'm letting go those people whose made terrible things in my life, but i don't know why do they appear in front of me and make these pain come back.. but sometimes, i think i can thank them because they make lot lessons for me to learn for being a human.
even i can thank them,but still i blame them for this all.

little things just make me get more confuse, i hate my self for hate them because the best at all.. i really really love them and i apreciate them in my life.

word goodbye isn't enough to let go, that word just make things worst than ever..
like a fool child,yet again,i'm confuse with my self.

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